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Glorious Banner

At this moment, Deyuan Energy Company, Jinqi Granting Ceremony Site:
Excited heart, overflowing beautiful banner in hand;
Never fail Shaohua, hard work will eventually be rewarded.
I just did it!
Flag-granting Ceremony, Honorary Moment:

Recently, RUNPAQ provided Hunan Huadian Deyuan Energy Technology Co., Ltd. with auxiliary boilers successfully delivered to realize grid-connected steam supply operation. The owner's satisfaction was overwhelming. The company was awarded the golden banner of "excellent quality of front-line boilers and first-class manufacturing services" and sent a thank-you letter.
Jinqi and letters embody the gratitude of the owners and the hard work of Huayuan Front Project Team (Left 2, Electrical Engineer Ding Zhaolong, Right 2, Project Engineer Feng Hao).
The auxiliary boiler products of Huayuan Front Line Power Station have stable performance and site installation specifications:
As the auxiliary boiler of this project will be used as emergency standby heat source at the same time in the future, the maintenance plan proposed by the project team is more detailed and easy to operate for the regular maintenance and maintenance plan to meet the owner's requirement of supplying steam at any time.
(In the picture, Wen Xianwen, manager of the engineering center in blue shirt, is introducing regular maintenance plan to the boiler specialist.)
Customer responsibility and enthusiastic service are the consistent purpose of Huayuan Front Line. Customer trust and trust are the driving force of Huayuan Front Line. As this letter of praise says: Sincere cooperation between the two sides, create brilliance is our common goal!


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