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The Company Holds The Commencement Meeting Of Labor Competit

On September 5, Hangzhou RUNPAQ Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. held a commencement conference of labor competition on the theme of "celebrating the 70th anniversary of the National Day, exhibiting the front-line style, ensuring compliance nodes and promoting quality improvement" at Tangqi Production Base. Zhang Jianmin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the trade union of the company, attended the meeting and made a mobilization speech, which was chaired by Guo Liang, assistant general manager.

Zhang Jianmin pointed out that the purpose of holding the start-up conference of labor competition is to fully implement the work plan of Party building and enterprise development of Gezhouba and Huayuan Company in 2019, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff, call on staff to base themselves on their positions, radiate their enthusiasm for work, further enhance their quality awareness and lay a solid foundation for the company's high-quality products. More solid foundation. Zhang Jianmin put forward three requirements for the contest work: first, to unify the ideological cohesion and to carry out all the work in a conscientious and responsible manner; second, to comprehensively enhance three awareness through the contest, namely, quality awareness, safety awareness and compliance awareness; and third, to call on Party members and cadres to play a vanguard and exemplary role.
At the meeting, production manager Shan Yongping read out the implementation plan of the labor competition. The project managers of each team expressed that they would attach great importance to the competition and make good use of the actual situation to achieve excellent results in the competition. 
Members of the leading group of the company's labor competition and project managers of the participating teams attended the meeting.

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