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Some People Think You're On Mid-Autumn Festival

This Mid-Autumn Festival, to all front-line people: Please receive a soft greeting from the company; "Huayuan front is thinking of you."

Of course, you also miss home, in addition to the front line of Huayuan "everyone", there is also "small home", in a foreign country, you said to your family:
You: "Dad, tell my mom that I and my colleagues have bought a train ticket for home, and we will be home in 18 hours." Dad: Your mother is right next to you. You hear me.

(The Ignition Of Jingneng Qinhuangdao Thermoelectric Auxiliary Boiler Was Successful)
You: "Mom, I'm flying from Yinchuan to Hangzhou this evening. After landing, I can catch the last bus home. Don't worry."

(Successful Ignition Of Auxiliary Boiler In Datang Pingluo Power Plant)
You just got home: "Xiao Bao, you were 7 months when Dad was on business. Now you have been 10 months. Come and hug, just want to hear you murmur and say something to Dad."

(Successful ignition of auxiliary boiler in Houb Power Plant, Pakistan)

You: "Honey, I bought you a box of authentic Cantonese moon cakes to match your favorite black tea..."

(Datang International Leizhou Power Station Auxiliary Boiler Ignition Successful)
You: "Mom, I've traveled home on business, and I've been home this Mid-Autumn Festival"...

(Electric Boiler of Xinjiang Medical University Heating in October, Field Construction)

(Heating of Yongdeng Electrode Boiler in Gansu Province at the end of October, in-situ construction)
No matter where you are in the Mid-Autumn Festival, there are people thinking of you, waiting for you, thinking of you...

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