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I Love You, Motherland

I love you, motherland. I love you beautiful mountains and rivers, picturesque scenery; I love you to strive for self-improvement and perseverance; I love you - five thousand years of Chinese civilization. I think, through the time tunnel, to return to the birthplace of Chinese civilization, feel the heartbeat of the motherland's mother...
A few days ago, led by Huayuan Front League Branch, the company organized the Youth Force to carry out the theme group day of "Promoting Youth, Exploring Chinese Civilization". Location: Liangzhu Museum. Let's embark on a journey of exploration together...

(General Manager Xu Guofu Joined The "Youth" Team, Worthy Of The Lead)
Through archaeological excavations, aspiring young people in the front line savor the brilliant moment of Liangzhu's flourishing integration into Chinese civilization five thousand years ago.
(Front-line youth visit Liangzhu Museum)
At the same time, the young people were impressed by the thick cultural accumulation of the museum. From the exquisite jade articles to the plough of stone grinding, the accumulation of Chinese culture for five thousand years is vividly visible.
 On the occasion of the seventieth birthday of the motherland, as a contemporary youth force, carrying forward and inheriting the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation is an important task on our shoulders. The prosperity of the motherland requires the efforts and struggles of all of us.

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