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National Day Ceremony Blown out

On the eve of the national day, the Huayuan front ceremony presented the national day, "blowing" the vanguard, echoing at the nuclear power station. The engineers at the Huayuan front line, who are commissioning the auxiliary boiler, are excited and proud.
Excited - shoulder to shoulder with China's fully independent intellectual property rights of the third generation nuclear power technology "Hualong No. 1"; proud - fully independent intellectual property rights of Huayuan Power Station auxiliary boiler has completed the ignition and blowing stage commissioning objectives.

In the past seven months, young engineers of Huayuan Front Line, who have experienced hardship and blood on the spot, compose a youth hymn dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic. This hymn contains real blood. Mosquito infestation on the site, our engineers often wake up in the middle of the night, bitten with blood blisters:(The picture is slightly uncomfortable...)

(Li Xiaolin, Xu Huijian and Wang Feng, members of the Huayuan Front Line Project Team, suffered multiple injuries)
This hymn contains the excellent work style of the front-line people who are serious and rigorous and can fight hard.
In the commissioning stage, front-line engineers often work 24 hours in the boiler operation centralized control room. For lunch, we temporarily set up a "dining table" outside the centralized control room to take turns to eat; for dinner, we "squeeze out" a box of lunch on the desk:
This hymn contains the sense of mission of winning glory for the country by the front-line people. The owner's staff came to congratulate the auxiliary boiler on its successful ignition and took a cordial photo with our technicians. Once you have identified your eyes, you are the "right" person with a strong sense of trust:
(Left 2 and right 1 are project team members Wang Feng and Xu Huijian, respectively)
To the Huayuan front-line engineers far away in Pakistan, say, "Hard work". On you, it reflects the initial intention of Huayuan Front Line to serve customers diligently in the field of professional heating system integration. 
The Seventieth Anniversary of the National Day, the best gift... 
Appendix: the first overseas project of No. 1, the nuclear power project by the Chinese and Pakistani governments is an important achievement for the implementation of the "China Brazil economic corridor" and "one belt and one road" construction. It is also a landmark item for the state to vigorously promote the "going out" strategy of China's nuclear power, and has great political significance. Prime Minister Hu called this project an important source of power supply in the country.

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