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Happy Fitness for National Day

On the eve of national day, the staff of the Huayuan front-line company union organized the seventh staff Fun Games held by the Tangqi town Federation of trade unions, the town League Committee and the women's Federation at the Tangqi blind ball gate training base to celebrate the arrival of the 70th anniversary founding of the new China in this way.
This sports meet has a series of projects including eye piercing, finger pressing, mosaic, interesting interaction, and history. It is innovative in content and strong in participation, and has been well received by many staff and friends. The atmosphere is lively and interesting, the competition is intense, and the "laughing fruits" are extraordinary. All the contestants are full of energy, and the cheer of cheer is coming and going, and the whole sports meet is immersed in a joyous and harmonious atmosphere.

The RUNPAQ Team is composed of Li Xing, Jiang Bingjie, Wang Jianying and Fonshasa. Although they come from different departments and positions of the company, they are united and cooperated in the competition field, striving to be the first, and fully demonstrating the broad-minded attitude and spiritual outlook of Huayuan Front-line staff. Every activity project needs to be completed with collective wisdom and team strength, which fully tests the ability of cooperation and communication between team members. After a tense, intense and interesting competition, Huayuan Front Line Company won the winning prize.
Through this competition, we can feel the charm of sports, relax our mood, enhance friendship and exercise our bodies. I believe that in the journey of the new era, we will make efforts for the construction of Huayuan Front Line with a better mental outlook.

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