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Real Cow! Two Employees Become Tangqi Craftsmen

Recently, the third "Tangqi craftsmen" came out fresh, Huayuan Front Company Jinyunlong, Chen Huabin won the title of "Tangqi craftsmen".

Let's get to know these two skilled talents from Huayuan front line!
 Jinyunlong Senior Electrician
Jinyunlong entered Hangzhou Huayuan Front-line Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2005. At present, he is engaged in workshop quality inspection engineer, who is also the safety manager and the quality engineer in charge of equipment measurement. He holds the certificate of maintenance electrician and senior technician. As a senior technician in the front line of the company, besides completing the design and installation of power distribution, power supply and production equipment for the original factory relocation, he has also participated in the company's A-class boiler license, American ASM certificate, CCC system certificate replacement certification and other reviews. At the same time, the equipment maintenance technology is excellent and the equipment intact rate is 100% all the year round.
In 2004, Jinyunlong, as a front-line worker in the workshop, was included in the research and development team of the company's electrode boilers because of its excellent electrical technology. He participated in the research and development of the company's important new products and became an important member of the company's research and development team. In product research and development, Jinyunlong undertakes the key task of testing and debugging the product from first-line production to completion. After continuous independent research and development efforts, the electrode boiler jointly participated in the research and development finally took shape. In February 2010, it obtained the national utility model patent certificate (Certificate No. 1351915, patent name: electrode steam boiler), and officially put into production. Our company has become the first electrode boiler manufacturing enterprise in China, competing with similar foreign products in the Chinese market. Because of the higher quality price than foreign products and the same good technical performance as foreign products, the products are quickly favored by the market. The product was quickly applied to the Jiujiawan project in Urumqi, Xinjiang, as a model project, which was broadcast by CCTV news broadcasting; the Baicheng power plant project in Jilin Power Generation Co., Ltd. has been used as a national clean energy demonstration project; the Zhaojiashan and Jinyangbao projects in Taiyuan have become a model project of coal-to-electricity conversion in Shanxi Province. Chengdu Yongxin, Harbin Tianlong Pharmaceutical Project as a model project of medical projects; Xinjiang Changji Baoping Coal Mine, Shanxi Datong Coal Mine as a demonstration project of coal mines; Shanxi Luliang Project as the first domestic start-up boiler into the power generation city, and many other projects, all show the market success brought about by the product development.
Chen Huabin Welder
In 2007, he was employed as an electrician in the production department of Hangzhou Huayuan Front-line Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. He obtained the welding certificate of special equipment and 16 test items for the welder of boiler pressure pipes. After joining the company, young Chen Huabin was very eager to learn and study, and practiced welding technology. He soon stood out among the front-line employees of the company. In the company's very important domestic and export orders Tangsuzhou Power Plant, Zetas Power Plant in Turkey, Wandan Power Plant in Indonesia and other projects, the key parts of the start-up boiler membrane wall are welded. The welded parts are full-formed, and the fish scale pattern is very beautiful. He has won the honorary title of "post pacesetter" many times, and has been hired by the company as "chief welder" till now. In 2015, it was named "the most beautiful young workers" by the Hangzhou municipal government. In 2018, in the process of qualification review of A-class boiler manufacturing, Chen Huabin's welded specimens passed one evaluation through X-ray inspection, macro-and micro-metallographic examination, and gained unanimous praise from experts. In the process of welding demonstration of ASME manufacturing qualification renewal review in the United States, on-site demonstration has been recognized and affirmed by experts from the United States and Taiwan.
What is the "craftsman spirit"? The experience of these two ordinary front-line employees in Huayuan tells us that "do one line, love one line, do one line!" In the work position, always maintain the pursuit of excellence, the courage to innovate, accept the challenge of the heart. Huayuan Front Line Company will inherit the "craftsman spirit" and strive to train more excellent craftsmen, as soon as possible to promote the "Huayuan Front Manufacturing" to "Huayuan Front Intelligent Manufacturing" magnificent turn.

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