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Inherit Good Family Style And Carry Forward Positive Energy

Brief: on October 17, the trade union of Huayuan front line company specially invited Chen Zhimin, head of the lecturer group of Yuhang District customs Working Committee and former president of Yuhang District Party school, to teach a course of "inheriting good family style and Practicing Socialist Core Values" to all cadres and employees of the company in the form of special lectures. So that the participants can understand the importance of family training to the family and to the cultivation of core price concept of the whole society.

"What is home? What is home? - 5000 years of Chinese culture "
Standing on the shoulders of giants to see the scenery, often higher and farther. And the fine family style that China has established for five thousand years is the national factor that let our future generations bear in mind and flow blood. The lecture introduces the connotation, core content and function of traditional family style from the simple to the deep through the stories of famous people's family style, and actively advocates that everyone inherits the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, so that the blood of the Yellow River will continue to flow in the land of China.
"The Chinese virtues should last forever, even if the years flow"
 Through this lecture, the cadres and staff deeply realized the general secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: no matter how great the changes of the times, regardless of the changes in the pattern of life, the importance of family building can not be ignored for a moment. It is our pride to consciously become a practitioner of Chinese traditional virtues and to carry forward socialist core values.
"Home is a small family, but also everyone". The construction of family style is not only the construction of a small family, but also the construction of the company's family culture. It inherits the traditional Chinese virtues. The front line has always been there.

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