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How to distinguish false technology publicity?

As a user and HVAC practitioner, you may be familiar with the following statement: "our company's electric boiler adopts new materials (New Technology) with high efficiency... .. "" our electric cooker is of high technology, and the heating fee per square meter is only 8 yuan...... " "Electrode boiler, we are imported, much more advanced than resistance Boiler..." This kind of misleading propaganda may be identified by you, but there are many audiences who are misled. Especially for the relatively complex technology such as electrode boiler, Huayuan frontline, as the leading enterprise with its own brand first, has the responsibility to stand out and clarify its point of view to correct the audio-visual.
On October 23-25, at the 2019 Joint Academic Conference of heating, ventilation and thermal power in Urumqi, Xinjiang, general manager Xu Guofu gave a clear and powerful answer to the industry through simple explanation.

"The electrode boiler directly connects the high-voltage electricity to the conductor, and the boiler water becomes resistance heating..." "All those who claim high efficiency of electric boiler are fooling......" These arguments are well founded and sound.
Huayuan front line is the first enterprise to research and develop electrode boilers in China. In recent three years, it has been ranked first in the market of electrode boilers with independent property rights in China. Its market share of Huayuan electrode boilers is 44.58%.
Listen to Mr. Xu carefully analyze the development history and main schools of electrode boiler. The R & D achievements of Huayuan electrode boiler provide technical support for the formulation of industry standards for electrode boiler in China:
He also pointed out that in areas with low electricity prices at night, the economic operation of electric boilers depends on the heat storage system. Huayuan heat storage tank uses the principle of large temperature difference and small flow, and the arrangement of water distributor in the tank can effectively prevent water flow disturbance and realize full heat storage and release.
Advertising is eye-catching, and rhetoric needs to be clearly identified. As a professional heat supply system integrator, Huayuan front line helps you get rid of the clouds. See the real chapter.

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