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Send Off Retired Employees

On the morning of October 31, in Tangqi production base of Huayuan front line, a courtly ceremony was opened to welcome Xing Shaohua, a glorious retired employee. The courteous ceremony was presided over by Xu Guofu, Secretary of the Party branch and general manager of the company.

Xu Guofu, on behalf of the company, expressed deep gratitude to Xing Shaohua for his major contributions to the previous deputy general manager. In particular, general manager Xing has made arduous efforts to start the boiler business from scratch and reach the largest market share in the industry. As a result, the front line has developed for more than 10 years. Xu Guofu said that it has a milestone contribution and gave the highest evaluation.
At the farewell party, comrade Xing Shaohua reviewed his journey into the front-line family since 2000, thanked for participating in the growth of Huayuan front-line, witnessing the development and growth of the enterprise, and the feeling of looking back on the past and the present was born spontaneously.
Xu Guofu, on behalf of all employees of the company, expressed his best wishes to Xing Shaohua, and handed the commemorative cup printed with "lifetime honorary employees" to Xing Shaohua. He thanked him for his contribution to the company, stood on every post, and the professionalism is worth learning for all employees of the company. I hope that Xing Shaohua will unload his "military uniform" and start another wonderful period of his life. Welcome to "home" often.
Life is boundless, career is boundless, RUNPAQ thanks every employee for every effort, every drop of sweat, let's move forward hand in hand to create a better future!

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