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RUNPAQ Party branch carries out theme education

On October 31, Yao Minghui, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of China energy construction Gezhouba Equipment Co., Ltd., went to Huayuan Front Party branch to carry out the second batch of Education Research on the theme of "never forget your original mind and keep your mission in mind", and gave a special party lesson.

Yao Minghui and his party investigated the production workshop of Huayuan front line company and listened to the work report. He affirmed the achievements of Huayuan front-line company in Party construction, production and operation, and highly recognized the spirit of all Party members, cadres and workers.
Yao Minghui had in-depth discussion and exchange with Party members, cadres and staff representatives of Huayuan front-line company about subject education, grass-roots party construction, production and operation, market development, capital management and issues of concern to cadres and staff, and answered the main problems reflected by cadres and staff on the spot.
On the basis of investigation, Yao Minghui focused on "the connotation of Xi Jinping's new era socialism with Chinese characteristics", "General Secretary of the CPC on the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and Party building", "conscientiously carry out the theme of" never forget the original mind, remember the mission "," the spirit of the first party congress of the group company "," do not forget the original mind, remember the mission, and promote the high quality of the company "," Xi Jinping, " Five aspects of "sustainable development" have been taught.
Yao Minghui pointed out that Huayuan front line should seize the current market opportunity of energy clean development, especially the development of electrode boilers and other products, make scientific research and systematic planning, fully combine the platform, brand and capital advantages of central enterprises with the technology, product and performance advantages of Huayuan front line, and further improve the ability of comprehensive service solutions. He said that the equipment company will give all-round support to Huayuan front line in terms of strategy, business, efficiency, emotion and other aspects.
Wang Huaxian, the company's chief accountant, and the group leader of the fourth tour guidance group of the company's second batch of "never forget your original mind and remember your mission" theme education accompanied the investigation. Members of the leading group, department heads, Party members and staff representatives of Huayuan front line company attended the investigation meeting and listened to the special party lesson.

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