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Business trip, from the year 30 when I met Wuhan guests

On New Year's Eve this year, as usual, we are going on a business trip to Widal Bay, Indonesia. What's the difference between Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport and the past is that a Singapore plane has just landed at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, taking more than 100 passengers to Wuhan (arranging these passengers has become one of the main battle "epidemic" in Hangzhou's fight against new novel coronavirus). So, we had a lot of worries at the airport, stayed in the early morning of the first day of the new year, and finally took off.

(Electrical engineer-Wang Feng and Project manager-Xu Huijian are both good-looking men with double eyelids)
Indonesia vedabe 3 × 250MW thermal power generation construction project is invested by Qingshan holding group, the world's largest stainless steel producer. The project is the largest unit under construction in urban environmental protection in South China, the first 250MW supercritical unit project in domestic production and construction. Hangzhou Huayuan front line is responsible for supporting a 30 ton oil / blast furnace gas dual-purpose startup boiler Supply commodity. The project is located one belt, one road, and the park's "weir DAL Bei Industrial Park" has world-class nickel resources (about 9 million 300 thousand tons), the target is to build a ferro iron production line and its supporting thermal power generating units and 50 thousand tons dry bulk and general cargo terminal, and strive to build a cluster of industrial clusters dominated by the nickel iron industry chain.
Arriving at the project site, we were arranged to live in the activity isolation room. During the isolation period, the work did not stop. We tested and debugged the program and simulated the ignition command action at the computer end:

(Temporary isolation board room)

(Wang Feng is testing action instructions)
Xu Huijian, the project manager of the same company, went straight to the main control room of the auxiliary boiler of the power station after the medical observation period to test the command and check the wiring of the electric cabinet.

As soon as the ignition test instruction is given, the furnace is ablaze with dazzling light.

This light is full of the ardent expectation of the owner.
We have done it. We will not flinch in the face of difficulties. We will shoulder the heavy responsibilities.
Come on RUNPAQ!
Come on China, Come on Wuhan!
By the time of publication, Xu Huijian and Wang Feng were still in Indonesia on-site service.

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