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RUNPAQ power, shine on the world

Auxiliary boiler, Preemptive luminescence

Dubai haxiang clean coal power plant phase I (4x600mw net) project
Dubai ha Xiang project is one of the implementation of one belt, one road initiative,and is a successful example of international capacity cooperation.The Gas-fired auxiliary boiler is provided by RUNPAQ.Haxiang project implements the highest standard in the world.Epidemic period,RUNPAQ Humiaoqing,Dingzhaolong compete against time to win time and put into use during the 2020 Dubai World Expo. After overtime work, on March 1st, the auxiliary boiler of the first unit was ignited successfully;On March 6th, the second one was successfully ignited. At that time, grid connected power generation will be realized to provide energy security for the World Expo.The completion of the haxiang project will provide Dubai with 20% of the electric energy, greatly reducing the cost of electricity for local residents.It is also the first coal-fired power station in the Middle East, with strong demonstration effect and radiation effect.
Hu Miaoqing, Dingzhaolong work at the project site
      Computer end boiler operation interface
Pakistan lucky 1 × 660MW coal fired power plant project
The project is the largest lignite power plant unit under construction in Pakistan,RUNPAQ is responsible for the supply of two 55T oil-fired auxiliary boilers.During the construction of the power station, more than 3000 jobs will be provided for the local society,it is of great significance to alleviate the severe employment contradiction and improve the income of residents.After the completion of the power station, it is estimated that the annual power generation will reach 4.5 billion kwh, which can meet the power demand of nearly 2 million local households.At the same time, the project adopts supercritical combustion technology to effectively utilize brown coal resources with low combustion value in Pakistan, which will reduce the burden of coal import in Pakistan.It is of great significance to improve energy self-sufficiency, improve Pakistan's power structure and further consolidate the friendship between the two countries.At present, the boiler of the project is being packed in strict accordance with the packaging requirements of export shipping, and it is expected to complete the port gathering work in mid March.

Gas-fired boiler of gas combined cycle unit of Huaneng Tongxiang natural gas cogeneration project (2 × 200MW)
With the resumption of production, Tongxiang industrial park gradually returned to work. In order to undertake the heating work of large-scale enterprises returning to work, the original gas-fired boiler needs to be shut down for maintenance.But the manufacturer who installed the special thermal insulation materials before came from Hubei company, because the epidemic could not reach the site.In order to enable the enterprises in the park to return to work and production normally, RUNPAQ takes the initiative to take the responsibility and send the masters with rich experience in thermal insulation material installation to the site for maintenance. On February 21th, Zhao Yu, the project manager, took Bao enquan, Zhang Daxiang, Wang Chunfeng and others to the Tongxiang project site, dressed in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention management requirements, and carried out safety education in strict accordance with the safety construction requirements. After overtime maintenance and repair, the park now has normal heating. The after-sales service of RUNPAQ is not only the due diligence within the scope of service responsibility, but also the responsibility for the interests of customers.
Carry out safety education before commencement

Huangpu Power Plant natural gas cogeneration project
The natural gas cogeneration project of Huangpu Power Plant is composed of two 400MW gas steam combined cycle cogeneration units. The supply of 15T auxiliary boilers for gas power plant is undertaken by RUNPAQ. During the epidemic, in order to put the power plant into operation within the plan and recover the delayed time, Zhao Bin, the project manager, took the personnel of the project department to the site to carry out the installation and commissioning work. At present, the boiler has been successfully ignited and started to bake and boil the boiler, which will be put into operation soon. After the project is completed and put into operation, it will further optimize the power structure of Guangzhou load center, improve the local power supply capacity, and play an important role in effectively realizing resource recycling and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction.
Map of Huangpu Power Plant Park

The fire in the furnace is shining

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