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New breakthrough of electrode boiler:used as auxiliaryboiler

Electrode boiler is common in nuclear power plant as auxiliary boiler, but it is a new subject to be used in power plant other than nuclear power plant. Runpaq has been first applied in Jinneng Datuhe coal fired power plant in  2018. 

A few days ago, once again breakthrough application, electrode boiler as auxiliary boiler, application in Guodian Youyi Biomass Power Generation Co., Ltd. As a domestic boiler manufacturer with independent intellectual property rights and invention patents of medium and high pressure electrode boilers, Runpaq keeps breaking through the frontier technology.

At present, Guodian Youyi Biomass Power Generation Co., Ltd. has built a 130 ton / hour biomass direct fired boiler, which can generate 170 million kilowatt hours of power and heat 800000 square meters every year. In order to ensure the normal production needs of the power plant and meet the requirements of environmental protection, the initiative of using electrode boiler in biomass power plant perfectly meets the requirements of its own production and contemporary energy environment.
Electrode boiler in shipment
Advantages of electrode boiler as auxiliary boiler:
1. The operation is highly automated and safe, which meets the requirements of nuclear power safety evaluation;
2. Fast start-up speed;
3. Zero emission of environmental protection;
4. Small floor area and flexible layout;
5. Convenient installation, maintenance, operation and maintenance;

As the first research and development manufacturer of electrode boiler in China, Runpaq has independent intellectual property rights and invention patents, rich practical operation experience, high market share and praise rate, and has more than 70 operation project achievements,which are widely used in power station auxiliary boiler, power station flexible peak shaving, thermoelectric decoupling, Industrial Park heating, large residential district heating, etc. According to the statistics of industrial boiler Association, Runpaq electrode boiler has thefirst market share in China for three consecutive years.

This winter, Runpaq electrode boiler also continued to operate steadily in Zhangjiakou, Xinjiang, Gansu, Jilin and other places to ensure the warmth of the masses. By setting up a remote monitoring program, it can monitor the operation of the equipment in the cloud for 24 hours, track the operation data, and ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.
Cloud monitor

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