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"Burning Calorie"

Ignition coordinate: Jiangxi
The 2 × 660000kw unit of Jiangxi Electric Fenyi power plant of SPIC project implements the "near zero emission" standard, with the most advanced unit performance and the best indicators. It is the most energy-saving,efficient and green power plant in China, with obvious economic, environmental and social benefits. RUNPAQ is responsible for the supply of 35T oil-fired Auxiliary boiler.
Commissioning Engineer Liao Bingbing is observing the operation of Auxiliary boiler
Electrical commissioning engineerLiu xingzhao is guiding the operation personnel

Boiler Room
Fenyi power plant is a large domestic CFB boiler demonstration base, which has made due contributions to the national CFB technology and the economic and social development of Jiangxi Province. After the project is completed and put into operation, it will further optimize the structure of regional power supply, consolidate the supporting role of Ganxi power on Jiangxi power grid, accelerate the construction of clean energy, reduce the level of coal consumption of power generation in the whole province, provide strong power guarantee for local construction, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of local economy and society.
Ignition coordinate: Guangzhou
Since the 2×330MW unit of Guangzhou Zhongdian Lixin Power Industry Co., Ltd. was put into operation, it has been supplying heat to many bleaching and dyeing enterprises and surrounding enterprises in Xintang environmental protection industrial park, replacing more than 200 small heating boilers in thearea, solving the outstanding problems such as low heating efficiency and serious discharge of high pollution of small boilers in the park, effectively promoting the industrial environment of bleaching and dyeing in Xintang Protection and comprehensive management. RUNPAQ is responsible for supplying 25T gas-fired Auxiliary boiler.
Commissioning Engineer Tan Xiaofei is arranging on-site operators for commissioning
Commissioning engineer Ruanshiwan cooperates to monitor the boiler operation parameters on site
The main function of auxiliary boiler in power plant is to provide process steam source for unit pipeline blowing, water pressure test and large unit start-up in the capital construction period of thermal power plant without start-up steam source, and then it can be used as peak load regulation or standby heating boiler intermittent operation or long-term continuous operation, or as transitional (temporary) heating heat source boiler before power plantput into operation.

Advantages of RUNPAQ Auxiliary boiler products:
1. Quick start: the technology is mature, with the characteristics of quick start, simple and reliable operation and maintenance, low energy consumption, etc;
2. Adjust measures to local conditions: the main business shall be guaranteed first, and the company's organizational structure shall adapt to the characteristics of auxiliary boiler project of power station;
3. Patent technology: the national torch plan fast boiler technology, less on-site work. With complete professional qualification, independent research and development, less subcontracting links, convenient on-site management and fast after-sales response.
4. Rich experience: rich practical experience, with the highest market share in the subdivision field. The project is one belt, one road, and has deep understanding and rich experience in the US ASME, EU CE, India IBR and other standards.

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