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Meet each other this spring

This winter, especially long,

But fortunately, spring always comes.
Then we make an appointment in this spring.
Yuyue project look: Spring rains are coming, moistening things silently.
                                                                                            - Yuyue Hangzhou Industrial Park Central Heating Project (2 sets of 20t gas-fired boilers)
There are only two bridges bearing 8t and 15t on the road to Yuyue Hangzhou Industrial Park,
The weight of the skid type boiler far exceeds the bearing capacity of the bridge,
Therefore, according to the site conditions of Yuyue, only the project mode of site installation can be used.

Homemade rain cape

On overcoming difficulties,
All the workers in the RUNPAQ are skillful solvers,
Even if there is rain, it will not block everyone's enthusiasm for work,
The completion of the site is just around the corner.


On site acceleration Indonesia project look: in mid spring - Indonesia Central Java 2 × 1000MW coal fired power plant project
Spring has come in China, Overseas scene, still difficult.
RUNPAQ engineers Xu Huijian and Wang Feng have been staying in foreign countries for more than 70 days,
From Weda Bay Industrial Park to Java site,
Epidemic outbreak, acclimatization, flooding in rainy season, management and control upgrading,
All these difficulties are in their control as well as out of their expectation,
Leave the professionalism and dedication to the customers and the guilt to the family.
Now, the ignition is successful and has been put into operation successfully,
I believe that they can be reunited with my family soon, We are waiting for your safe return in Hangzhou.
(So far, our company has completed nearly twenty auxiliary boiler projects in Indonesia. The auxiliary boilers in RUNPAQ have been distributed in 17 countries in Eurasia, with more than 300 operation items in total.)

Bright color mask is more suitable for spring

The construction personnel shall be sprayed with disinfectant water every day on the project site in Indonesia

Xu Huijian and Wang Feng guide Indonesian operators

Site drawing of 50t oil fired  auxiliary boiler


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