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Strive for labor competition, dare to be the pioneer of work

On April 15,the Federation of trade unions of Tangqi town held a grand conference to commend the work of trade unions and entrepreneurship and innovation of Tangqi town in 2020. At the meeting, Hangzhou Runpaq Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. won the title of excellent organization unit of labor competition in Tangqi town in 2019, Xia Zhenxin, project manager of packaging group of production department, won the title of excellent employee in Tangqi town in 2019, and the five welding groups of production department won the title of "pioneer worker" group in Yuhang District. This is a number of honors that our company has won in less than a year since the formal establishment of the labor union in May 2019, after two employees of the company have won the title of "Tangqi craftsman" and one employee has won the title of the seventh batch of 100 professional and technical leaders in Yuhang District.
 In order to vigorously promote the spirit of craftsman and cultivate highly skilled talents, in July, 19, the company organized the "Ankang Cup" welder competition activity in the whole workshop team actively. Through the full preparation of each stage, the welder competition was in full swing, setting off a climax of learning, fighting technology and creating advanced, and the activity achieved fruitful results and ended successfully.

Xia Zhenxin, the project manager of the packaging group, has always been dedicated to the ordinary post, hard-working, strong executive force, proficient business, giving full play to the spirit of craftsman, and sticking to the ordinary post to be extraordinary. Welding team 5 is the main team of the production department, with excellent team style and outstanding welding skills. It always faces difficulties in urgent and difficult projects, resolutely executes production instructions, and implements safety production in place. Bao enquan, the team's project manager, has fully played a leading role in safety production and quality management, dared to show his sword and strictly abided by his promise. He has really played a leading role in safety production and quality management, effectively mobilized the labor enthusiasm and creativity of all team members, and constantly promoted the innovation and development of safety and quality work in an upward spirit. This time, their election fully reflects the excellent tradition and fine style of our company's employees who are dedicated to work and love their posts, and shows the spirit of our company's employees who are determined to forge ahead and dare to innovatein the new era.
Welding team 5
Through various platforms, the company will carry out skills competitions, entrepreneurship and innovation activities, and various appraisals, which will further stimulate the innovation awareness and development vitality of the whole staff. We will also give full play to the demonstration, guidance, driving and incentive role of "worker pioneer", so as to help the company achieve high-quality development.

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