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Thank you for your company in winter

The electrode boiler remote monitoring expert system platform, which is located in the headquarters of the company, has witnessed the smooth winter of more than 80 electrode boiler projects throughout the country in the whole heating season. During the epidemic, the after-sales service personnel are at homewithout going out for real-time monitoring; users can also view various data through mobile phones and computers.Let's say thanks to the old guys.

Sichuan Sihuan Zinc Germanium plant project - 15MW electrode boiler, which is used all year round.

During operation on January 24, 2020, the power pressure is stable.

Xinjiang Zhonghe science and Technology Park Central Heating Project - 2 sets of 7mw electrode boilers

Panzhihua Yangrun technology electrode type steam boiler project - 8mW electrode boiler

Xinjiang Medical University Project - 2 sets of 16mw + 2 sets of 8mW steam electrode boiler system (500000 square meters of new campus heating)

During operation on January 24 and February 24 2020, the power pressure is stable. The conductivity is less than 80us / cm.

Gansu Zhangye huaruiqi project - 2 sets of 40mW hot water storage electrode boiler systems (1.2 million square meters)

Zhangjiakou Huailai Jinxu fifth thermal power station coal to electricity EPC project (under construction) - 4 sets of 50MW pressure bearing high voltage electrode boilers with a total heating area of 2 million ㎡

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