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Great! China's first, in Dawan district!

Huadian Guangzhou Zengcheng gas-fired CCHP project is the "two most first" gas-fired CCHP project in China:
1、It adopts the H-class high efficiency gas turbine with the largest single power in the world;
2、The net efficiency of gas turbine combined cycle power generation is the highest (more than 62%) ;
3、The first double H-class gas turbine project in China. As an integrator, the auxiliary boiler system provided by Runpaq has become the key equipment of "two most and one head", which has been put into use recently.

As an important energy support point of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, Dawan district and Guangzhou City, the project strives to build a "clean and friendly, multi energy joint supply, intelligent and efficient" comprehensive energy service with Huadian characteristics, which not only can provide power supply, heat, cold and other energy supply modes to large enterprises and other users in the area, but also can realize the rational cascade utilization of high-quality energy, and save energy and develop green economy , reduce the energy cost of the enterprise and play a huge role in providing the main power support for Guangzhou load center, and improve the economy and reliability of the system operation.
Runpaq is responsible for the supply integration of auxiliary boiler system of 45T gas power station.

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