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I'm Already Intoxicated.

Huayuan Power Station auxiliary boiler, with advanced concept of China Intelligent Manufacture, matches Indonesia's star power station (there are really stars to play CALL on the platform, look down) - but also its current single-unit capacity of the largest unit power station, perfect!

(Completion Of Auxiliary Boiler Room)

(The ignition instruction is issued and the furnace flame in the fire viewing hole burns steadily)
In the main control room, the parameters of debugging interface meet the design requirements.

(Steam-Water System) 

(Combustion System)
Then, on the "Star Road" power station, what are the leading stars of the Huayuan auxiliary boiler?
Among them: the President of Indonesia came to the platform, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the State-owned Key Enterprises of the State Council of China visited, and the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of China Nengjian Group offered on-site condolences.

(Indonesian President Zoko Victor visited the project personally)

(Li Keming, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of State-owned Major Enterprises under the State Council, came to inspect)

(Lan Chunjie, Standing Committee of CPC Committee of China Energy Construction Group, condolences cadres and workers)
Don't doubt, I have such a strength to close contact with big stars and get on the stage of the world's first-class energy power plants.

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