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Complete The Comprehensive Inspection Smoothly

In July, the production task of Huayuan Front Line Company has been improved month by month. Under the leadership of the company's party and government leadership, all employees greet the upcoming production peak with full production enthusiasm. In order to ensure the supply of materials in advance, a comprehensive inspection team was set up, in which Guo Liang, assistant general manager, was the group leader and Dan Yongping, deputy production manager, was the group leader.

During the working period of the inspection team, the employees of the production department work overtime every day, give up weekend rest time, arrange production rationally, especially centralize the raw material warehouse, which is convenient for the production team to use, and maximize the use of the site, and strictly conform to the warehouse requirements for all materials in accordance with the name, specifications and models. Collect and classify.
Over the years, our company has started with 5S management and followed the 5S implementation steps of "tidy up, tidy up, clean up, accomplishment" in its daily work. Through this inspection, the company's on-site management level has been further improved, and the goal of precise management is to ensure that the site is free of debris, safe and dangerous, and the factory environment is clean and beautiful.

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