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Huayuan front line Party branch held a theme party day on May 26, during which all Party members thoroughly studied the regulations of the Communist Party of China on the work of basic level organizations of state owned enterprises (Trial) (hereinaft...

Huadian Guangzhou Zengcheng gas-fired CCHP project is the two most first gas-fired CCHP project in China: 1、It adopts the H-class high efficiency gas turbine with the largest single power in the world; 2、The net efficiency of gas turbine combined ...

On April 15,the Federation of trade unions of Tangqi town held a grand conference to commend the work of trade unions and entrepreneurship and innovation of Tangqi town in 2020. At the meeting, Hangzhou Runpaq Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. won the title...

The electrode boiler remote monitoring expert system platform, which is located in the headquarters of the company, has witnessed the smooth winter of more than 80 electrode boiler projects throughout the country in the whole heating season. During the ep...

The former Soviet Union is the big brother of Chinas industry, and many boiler specifications in China draw on their standards. Now, the RUNPAQ boilers will go to Russia to serve MMK plant which is a world-famous steel company. SupportigRussia - MMK No.5 ...

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