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September school season, beautiful campus, Im here. The beautiful new campus of Xinjiang Medical University will soon usher in the first batch of freshmen. In August, Xiaobian approached the site of the electric boiler project on the constr...

There is no tall office environment, not to mention the world-shaking, ghost-crying deeds. He is an ordinary welder, often wearing welding clothes, portable electrode barrels appear in various work sites. He is so extraordinary, a welding t...

On August 2, the 2009 Ankang Cup Welder Skills Competition in Huayuan Front Line officially came to an end. Six excellent welders won the first prize in professional projects. They are flat butt SMAW: Wang Yong, tube-plate corner SMAW: Feng...

Well, the outdoor temperature of 40 C is so hot today. Sunlight penetrates the Milky Way and people on Earth cant stand it. But my heat is much higher than this! Atmospheric pressure of me, 90 C pressure of me, 130 C I have a resounding nam...

On August 1st, Zhang Huayu, chairman of Tangqi Trade Union in Yuhang District, led the trade union and the security office to Hangzhou Huayuan Front Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. to carry out the summer send cool consolation activities in 2019...

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