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On New Years Eve this year, as usual, we are going on a business trip to Widal Bay, Indonesia. Whats the difference between Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport and the past is that a Singapore plane has just landed at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, taking more than 100...

On the morning of February 19, during the extraordinary period of anti epidemic, Liang Songying, deputy secretary and chairman of the Party group of Yuhang District Federation of trade unions, Gao Qifang, director of workers Cultural Palace in Tangqi Town...

In February 14th, the novel coronavirus (Wuhan) has been successfully supported by the emergency support center of the exhibition hall of the Wuhan Museum. The 4 Huayuan front-line storage electric hot water boiler has successfully completed the work and ...

On the morning of February 8 (January 15), after five days, five nights and all night installation and commissioning, the electrode type hot water boiler heating project in the new area of Tongwei County Peoples Hospital (epidemic shelter) in Gansu Provin...

On the afternoon of January 14, the employee recognition conference of Huayuan front line in 2019 themed embracing great changes and striving to surpass was held in JunShang Hotel, Hangzhou. Jiang Wenwen, chairman of the company, Xu Guofu, general manager...

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