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New Technology of Electrode Boiler in New Campus

September school season, beautiful campus, I'm here.
The beautiful new campus of Xinjiang Medical University will soon usher in the first batch of freshmen.

In August, Xiaobian approached the site of the electric boiler project on the construction site of Xinjiang Medical University. It was very busy and tense. The members of Huayuan Front Line Project Team were doing their best to construct it.
Approaching the boiler room, the first eye-catching red-letter banner: on-site standardized observation of the boiler room of Xinjiang Medical University.
In the field office, security officer Huang Qitian is reporting to project director Lu Guozhong that the work has been completed. Next to him, Project Manager Shu Suliang is ready to communicate with Lu Guozhong on the next work plan.
(From left to right, security officer Huang Qitian, project director Lu Guozhong and project manager Shu Suliang)
Follow Lu Guozhong's footsteps and go to the construction site together to see:
Lu Guozhong, the project director of hot sun, foot-stepping loess and dust-laden everyday, has rich practical experience. He has carried out dozens of mechanical and electrical installation projects of various types. In the past two years, only large-scale electrode boiler heat storage projects have been implemented, including: Xinjiang Urumqi High-speed Railway Station, Tunbao Coal Mine, Chen Xingyuan Coal Mine, etc. Baoping Coal Mine, Xinjiang Special Substation and other large-scale electrode boiler heat storage system)
Standardized boiler room is undoubtedly a model project for both internal and external repairs. With standardized construction and rational layout as the main line, at present the boiler body in the boiler room is in place, the water pump is in place and the pipeline is laid out.
In order to advance the construction period as much as possible, the project team is most concerned about how to ensure the quality and safety of the project by carrying out multi-type cross-work on site.
Project Director Lu Guozhong and the construction personnel explain the installation details and matters needing attention:

Strict control over the quality of the project is to ensure the heating of teachers and students in the whole school. Considering that from October this year, 700,000 square meters of heating source in the new campus came from this boiler room, the project team members'sense of mission came into being.
10,000 volt electrode boiler heat storage heating technology, Huayuan patented technology, to fill the domestic gap. This opening season, we will not be separated from each other in the new campus of Xinjiang Medical University.

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