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Study the regulations of Party construction

Huayuan front line Party branch held a theme party day on May 26, during which all Party members thoroughly studied the regulations of the Communist Party of China on the work of basic level organizations of state owned enterprises (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as the regulations). Xu Guofu, secretary and general manager of the front Party branch, presided over the study meeting.
All the party members present at the meeting studied the full text of the regulations. Xu Guofu, in particular, made an in-depth interpretation of the "principles to be followed in the work of Party organizations in state-owned enterprises":
Adhere to the unity of strengthening the party's leadership and improving corporate governance, integrate the party's leadership into all aspects of corporate governance; adhere to the deep integration of Party construction and production and operation, and test the effectiveness of the party's organizational work with the results of enterprise reform and development. Adhere to the principle that the party is in charge of cadres and talents, train high-quality and professional enterprise leaders and talents, lay a foundation at the grass-roots level, highlight the construction of Party branches, and enhance the vitality of grass-roots party organizations. "To strengthen the party building is to strengthen development". The meeting called for all Party members to thoroughly study and understand the practical significance of the regulations, and to reflect the advanced nature of the party members and the role of the Party branch in the daily work. The theme party day was held in Tangqi factory of Huayuan front line and West Lake Science and Technology Park office area.

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